World Mining Congress 2023

On 28 June 2023, Veena will deliver a keynote address at the 26th World Mining Congress 2023.

Veena's topic is "pathways to shape a sustainable future for the steel and iron industry by harnessing waste resources".

Veena will also share her vision for a sustainable future, highlight the importance of creating a circular economy and how using waste as a resource - including UNSW SMaRT Centre's Green Steel Polymer Injection Technology - must be at the centre of innovative decarbonisation efforts.

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Veena's session - 11am in the processing and refining stream

Events hosts the CSIRO say:

The World Mining Congress 2023 (WMC) is a unique opportunity for international representatives of the world’s leading resource economies to meet, find new partners, discuss current challenges, and share the latest research, technology and best practice.

WMC events have set the scene for international agreements and high-level discussions that have influenced mining practices and the resource industry for decades. Join senior mining industry owners, investors, national and international government representatives, researchers, educators, regulators, suppliers and operators from around the world in Brisbane for this genuine opportunity to demonstrate real leadership and presence on a world stage.