Collaboration partners

 The UNSW SMaRT Centre collaborates with various partners across its public and bespoke research programs.

The below is a snapshot of some of our current and most recent partners.

Industry partners


MolyCop logo

See the 7 October 2021 grant announcementGreen SteelTM, TDTsurface modification, ARC Green Manufacturing Research Hub, and ARC Microrecycling Research Hub pages for examples of past and current collaborations.

Kandui Technologies

Kandui logo3

See this MICROfactorieTM collaboration story and this story on technology recognition.

Shoalhaven City Council

Shoalhaven logo2

See this MICROfactorieTM collaboration story


Mirvac logo

See our story on the Pavillions collaboration.



Bradken logo


Dresden Vision

Dresden logo



See TDT page and the Nespresso website.




See our filamente-waste and ARC Microrecycling Research Hub pages for examples of collaborations and the TES website.




See our filament page.


Sydney Water

Sydney Water


Mattress Recycle Australia (MRA)

MRA logo

A partner of our ARC Microrecycling Research Hub.


ABRI (Australian Battery Recycling Initiative)


A partner of our ARC Microrecycling Research Hub.

MELCA (Materials and Embodied Carbon Leaders’ Alliance)

MELCA logo2

UNSW SMaRT Centre is a founding member of MELCA







Research and other partners

Planet Ark

Planet Ark

Various collaborations involving coffee waste, and see our ARC Microrecycling Research Hub page.


National Environmental Science Program (NESP)

NESP hub

See our NESP Sustainable Communities and Waste Hub page.


Australian Research Council (ARC)

ARC Logo

See our  ARC Green Manufacturing Research Hub, ARC Microrecycling Research Hub, ARC Discovery ProjectsARC Linkage Projects and ARC Laureate pages.


NSW Office of Chief Scientist and Engineer


See our NSW OCSE Physical Sciences Fund page.


University of Sydney



Monash University

Monash University


Hunters Hill Council

Hunters Hill Council

See Hunters Hill project page.