Video virtual lesson

UNSW SMaRT Centre Director, Professor Veena, a 2022 Eureka Prize winner, took part in an Australian Museum science education event for school children.

In this virtual excursion video for secondary school students, Veena joined two other scientists and winners of the 2022 Eureka Prizes in discussing their work in science and science communication, sharing their career journeys and celebrating their Eureka moments.

Eureka Awards background

Presented annually by the Australian Museum, 14 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes are awarded across four categories including research and innovation, leadership, science engagement and school science.

Veena said: “It is vitally important to continue the progress made on encouraging greater participation in STEM. This participation will increasingly play an important role in industry, in the economy and in the way communities shape the future. The microrecycling science and new technologies I and my team are pioneering show how science and engineering play such a vital role in helping to solve the many challenges we face to improve our environmental, social and economic wellbeing."

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Watch this short video of Veena explaining work at the UNSW SMaRT Centre: