Veena a 2022 Eureka Prize winner

UNSW SMaRT Centre Director, Professor Veena has been named the 2022 Eureka Prize winner for the Celestino Eureka Prize for Promoting Understanding of Science.

Presented by the Australian Museum at a ceremony last night (31 August 2022), Veena was one of 14 of Australia’s top scientists and science teams recognised at the prestigious 2022 Eureka Prizes at the Australian Museum.

Eureka Prizes were awarded across four categories including research and innovation, leadership, science engagement and the promotion of science.

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Image caption: Veena (centre) with (from left); Stuart Snell, Head of Strategy, Stakeholders and Communication, SMaRT; Anirban Ghose, Head of MICROfactorie Technologies, SMaRT;; and Mark Sterbic, Business Development Manager, UNSW.

The Australian Museum Eureka Prizes are the country’s most comprehensive national science awards, honouring excellence across the areas of research & innovation, leadership, science engagement, and school science.

Presented annually in partnership with some of the nation's leading scientific institutions, government organisations, universities and corporations, the Eureka Prizes raise the profile of science and science engagement in the community by celebrating outstanding achievement.

In winning the award, Veena said: “It’s an incredible honour to be awarded the 2022 Eureka Prize for promoting the understanding of science. It is such a privilege to be able to share with the wider community the important role science plays in our daily lives. Without science, we would not be able to enjoy most of the things we now take for granted.

“Science has become much more mainstream than ever before, and its role in seeking solutions for things like COVID-19 and our pressing waste, sustainability and climate challenges, has created a wider thirst for knowledge and optimism. I and the team at the UNSW Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT) Centre are dedicated to collaborating with the community and industry to tackle the challenges we face to help deliver better social, environmental and economic outcomes.”

Watch this short video of Veena explaining work at the UNSW SMaRT Centre: