Sydney Water Innovation Festival

On 19 October 2021, Veena participated in a Australia v England debate as part of the 2021 Sydney Water Innovation Festival.

The "Splashes Brilliant Debate" was just one of a range of initiatives taking place during the festival over three days, held in partnership with the UK's Northumbrian Water authority.

Below is a video of the session Veena took part in, and further below is event background published ahead of the event, or click the link further below.

The Splashes (Brilliant Debate) video: The SPLASHES - Sydney Water Innovation Festival 2021 - YouTube

Pre-event information:

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Event details from Sydney Water

Sydney Water is announcing the launch of our inaugural Innovation Festival which will take place October 18-20.  

Sydney Water’s Innovation Festival (SWIF) is a completely new way for us to bring together incredible insights, brilliant debates, and amazing voices to create an experience that explores how we can create a better life for communities through innovation.  

The festival will play host to an impressive list of guest speakers and our own people who will lead a range of keynote discussions, Shark Tank themed innovation pitch sessions, design sprints, smart city hackathons, and meaningful conversation about what we do. 

We’re partnering with our friends at Northumbrian Water in the UK, who’ve been holding their extremely popular Festival since 2017 – making it a truly global event! 

We’re incredibly excited to open this festival to audiences anywhere – we want to involve, engage and include our people and communities across the three days of SWIF! 

What happens at Sydney Water’s Innovation Festival?

We’re going to play host to three days of workshops, conversation and debate that will change the way we think about innovation and what we do in water services.  

Whether it’s a discussion about sustainability, climate change, or how technology can offer a better future, this is an event based around positive engagement, inclusivity, and fun. Key themes of the festival include: 

  • Amplifying the voices of Aboriginal peoples
  • Circular Economy 
  • Water security 
  • Liveability 
  • Smart Cities 
  • Customer Experience