SMaRT tech leads to start up innovator recognition

Two UNSW SMaRT Centre technologies responsible for a start up company being formed are behind UNSW Sydney being ranked number one nationally for the greatest number of new start-up and spinout companies founded in 2021 through university developed technology.

Kandui Technologies was formed by long term SMaRT Centre collaborator and business man Andrew Douglass who is also founder of Mattress Recycle Australia.

Kandui operated the first independently commercially operated Green Ceramics MICROfactorieTM, at a site in Cootamundra in regional NSW. 

It now also operates both a Green Ceramics MICROfactorieTM module and Plastics (EcoFilament) MICROfactorieTM module at its new location in Nowra on the South Coast of NSW.

The latest Survey of Commercialisation Outcomes from Public Research (SCOPR) Summary Report revealed that UNSW supported 10 spinouts – 14 per cent of the 69 companies established across Australia.

This figure is up from five companies in 2020, where UNSW placed an equal third.

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Kandui and SMaRT promo