SMaRT and Mirvac project wins award

A collaboration between the UNSW SMaRT Centre and Mirvac has won the 2021 Circle Award for the 'architecture and construction' category.

An apartment within the Pavilions Residences development by Mirvac uses SMaRT's MICROfactorieTM technology that reforms problematic waste textiles and glass into attractive Green Ceramics for use as floor and wall tiles, kitchen-island fronts, light-fittings, furniture and artworks.

Circle Awards says 'the apartment is a blueprint for how future developments can join the circular economy in ways that are desirable, feasible and scalable, while drastically reducing building and construction waste, which currently contributes to 60% of Australia’s waste (around 41 million tonnes a year).

As a next step, Mirvac is now investigating opportunities to create additional micro-factories to locally manufacture green ceramics from waste materials on site at future projects.

"The thing I love about the Pavilions Residences by Mirvac entry is that they have been able to capture materials otherwise going to landfill and repurpose them into a second, very valuable life.

It is a very deserving winner beyond just the innovation, but the application via their first apartment. It sets the stage for rapid expansion and scalability which is what we need to see to deliver the promise of the Circular Economy."

– Jason Graham-Nye, Co-founder and Co-CEO of gDiapers