Podiatry and sustainability

This video (below) features UNSW SMaRT Centre's Prof Veena at the Australian Podiatry Conference 2021 talking about innovations and practices to help the industry achieve its goals around sustainability, recycling and developing a circular economy.

The event was held 17 July, bringing together world-leading presenters from all over the globe in a virtual event with the overarching focus of “Innovation through Collaboration”.

Veena also discussed a possible project between the SMaRT Centre and the Australian Podiatry Association (ApodA) to find a way to recycle and reform the materials from used orthotics into materials and products for new uses, through the new National Environmental Science Program 'Sustainable Communities and Waste Hub' Veena is leading.

The video also features the APodA Sustainability Panel from the conference, chaired by ApodA Board member Dr Angela Evans AM, talking with Veena and others about recycling, waste reduction, reuse, repurposing, ethical manufacturing, fair trade and other aspects that promote a circular, sustainable economy.