Podcast: Waste as a useful resource

Listen to Veena who spokeĀ to environmental start up Reducing Our Footprint for their Sustainability Podcast Series as part of the global movement is Plastic Free July.

She talks about practical ways people can adopt sustainability practices in every day life and how to seek better solutions to reduce waste and at the same time boost economic and societal growth.

Veena also describes how waste is and can be used as a resource and some of her UNSW SMaRT Centre innovations likeĀ and MICROfactoriesTM that use various problematic waste streams as circular-based manufacturing feedstock and value-added products.

Launched first as a community organisation to promote behavioural change in support of the environment, ROF has since expanded to a national provider of sustainable services to businesses, festivals, restaurants and schools.

Listen to the podcast below or via this Spotify link.