Podcast: Making sustainable changes

Listen to Veena who spoke to the UK based waste reduction agency Green Kode about global sustainability issues and various UNSW SMaRT Centre recycling and manufacturing innovations.

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This podcast series focuses on aiming for zero-waste by talking to various leaders across research, environmental organisations, new tech, and green start-ups.

In Episode 26, Making Sustainable Changes, the podcast looks at sustainable start-up's, an inventor and a life's journey of running a sustainable business.

  • Professor Veena Sahajwalla - the inventor of polymer injection technology, talks to Green Kode about how a future with Zero Waste is entirely possible through innovation.
  • Lôlo Ascar - Co-founder of Era Zero Waste, Lôlo shares her passion for sustainability and how their green start-up in tackling carbon emissions and plastic.
  • Calum Richardson - Owner of the bay fish and chips, talks about his journey to replacing the greasy spoon image with high-end sustainability