Minister Ley sees SMaRT's Green Steel technology up close

Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley joined UNSW SMaRT Centre Director, Prof Veena at the Newcastle steel works to see up close SMaRT's Green Steel technology that uses waste to replace coke and coal in steel making.

Minister Ley said: "Called in to Waratah-based steel maker Molycop, to get an update on new Polymer Injection Technology at its electric arc furnace, developed in partnership with UNSW and designed to replace coking coal with discarded rubber from old tyres and conveyor belts, on the way to commercialising green steel production. An exciting recycling initiative, supported by the Scott Morrison (ScoMo) government and internationally significant! Veena Sahajwalla."

UNSW SMaRT Centre is collaborating with Molycop to develop the next generation of SMaRT's Green Steel "Polymer Injection Technology' which uses waste rubber tyres, and now other wastes such as waste plastics and coffee grounds, to improve the steel making process in electric arc furnaces.

Minister's Ley's FaceBook post.

Molycop's LinkedIn post.

Molycop Min Ley visit 1
Min Ley at Molycop
Molycop Min Ley visit 2