Let's talk trash

On 27 April 2021, Veena joins Assistant Waste and Environment Minister Trevor Evans and Jason Falinski MP on Sydney's Northern Beaches to talk about trash.

Veena said: "It is a pleasure to join Trevor and Jason to talk about how people are really wanting to reduce their impact on the planet and some of the great initiatives underway to help achieve this."

"The fact is that waste is, and should be treated as, a renewable resource. We need to add 'reform' as a fourth R to the three Rs of reducing, reusing and recycling the unwanted products and materials we erroneously call waste.

"Emerging technologies are demonstrate that we can reform waste into new materials and products in ways that traditional recycling does not.

"I'm feeling optimistic watching sustainability become mainstream and part of our daily lives. Australians in particular are looking for opportunities – we don't want to end up completely buried in our own waste."

Watch the event live stream 8am 27 April via Jason Falinski's live stream webpage.