Indiaspora Climate Summit 2023

On 6 April 2023, Veena will deliver an address and join a discussion at the Indiaspora Climate Summit 2023 talking about the importance of using waste as a resource to achieve sustainability and decarbonisation goals.

Veena will share her vision for a sustainable future, highlight the importance of creating a circular economy and how using waste as a resource must be at the centre of innovative decarbonisation efforts.

See on our website some of our recent advocacy concerning this issue.

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Registration for Veena's session II

Events hosts say:

Please join our 90 minute, virtual, 3rd Annual Climate Summit (Session II) with the following speakers from all over the world - Dr.Arunabha Ghosh, Veena Sahajwala, Arun Sharma, Anita Arjundas, Gaurav Gupta, Sameer Shishodia, Shloka Nath and Prachi Shevgaonkar share their insights on The Path to Climate Resilience.

Session II, Eastern Hemisphere - April 6th starting at 9AM GST/ 10:30AM IST/ 1PM Singapore Standard Time/ 3PM AEST & 5PM NZST.