Green MICROfactorie launch

Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley launched UNSW SMaRT Centre's Green MICROfactorieTM  that contains two MicrofactorieTM modules to transform waste into new valuable products and materials for various uses.

The Plastics MICROfactorieTM module transforms waste plastics from electronic waste (e-waste) and other sources into sustainable filament for use in 3D printing and manufacturing, using thermal transformative techniques and other innovations.

Sussan Ley and Veena 2

The Green Ceramics  MICROfactorieTM module can transform waste textiles, glass and other materials into beautiful ceramic tiles for uses such as new kitchen benches, table tops, floor tiles, furnishings and for other applications in the built environment.

Read the launch announcement by Minister Ley here.

Read the launch announcement by UNSW here.

Watch the video of the launch highlights below or here.

Go to the MICROfactories webpage on this site for more information about the Filaments and Green Ceramics MICROfactorieTM technologies.

Sussan Ley and Veena 3