Glass and clothing waste collection initiative

The UNSW SMaRT Centre is collaborating with The Village Project to help raise community awareness around practical ways to be more sustainable.

The two organisations hosted on 19 June 2021 a 'glass and clothing waste collection event' at the huge community site operated by The Village Project in Sydney's Summer Hill.

See this video of the event launch and Veena's speech and this post with images from the day.

See this City Hub news story on the collaboration.

Here is an update on the collection.

The collection event was a great opportunity to learn about how waste can be transformed into new and valuable products and materials.

Hear talks from Prof. Veena and her team of engineers from the SMaRT Centre, as well as SMaRT partner Ben Kaminsky from Textile Recyclers Australia.

Kids joined in on creating a special piece of artwork that will be displayed in The Village Project building.

Pre-event information:

RSVP on The Village Project Facebook event page.

Green Ceramics™ is supported through the NSW Government's Physical Sciences Fund and UNSW Sydney.


Clothes & Textiles Accepted

  • Clothing (no zippers or zippers removed)
  • Bras (wires removed)
  • Underwear (clean and placed in a sealed bag)
  • Haberdashery (sheets, linen, blankets etc)
  • Soft toys (eyes/hard parts need to be removed)
  • Canvas shopping bags
  • Pillows
  • Stuffing
  • Jute bags (rice)
  • Furry/hairy items are accepted (eg dog/cat beds)

Clothes & Textiles  – NOT ACCEPTED

  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Belts

Glass & Porcelain Accepted

  • Bottles and jars (food/drink)
  • Beer and wine bottles
  • Glasses
  • Glass dinner ware (dinner sets)
  • Glass kitchenware (baking dishes, bowls etc.)
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Furniture (table tops, cabinets etc.)
  • Ornaments / statues
  • Tiles
  • Porcelain dinner ware (dinner sets)
  • Porcelain kitchenware (baking dishes, bowls etc)

Glass & Porcelain – NOT ACCEPTED

  • Concrete
  • Stoneware

Please note:

  • Size limit for glass & porcelain items is 1M x 1M/ If you have an item larger than this please contact us to see if we can accept it.
  • For textiles, technically there is no limit, but if you have commercial quantities please contact us to see if we can accept it.