Cosmos Briefing: The Circular Economy

On 25 March 2021, Veena will be speaking at The Royal Institution of Australia's Cosmos Briefing: The Circular Economy.

The event, hosted by the Institution's Professor Alan Duffy, will involve a discussion involving Veena, microrecycling science pioneer and inventor of Green SteelTM and MICROfactorieTM technolgies, and Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, Founding and Executive Chairman of Gelion Technologies, Co-Founder of Licella Holdings and inventor of its Cat-HTR technology.

Visit the event site.

Cosmos says the global economy sees unprecedented levels of resources extracted at great expense and effort, as well as polluting emissions in the process, to forge new products but all too often these then go to landfill at the end of their lives.

A revolutionary, yet beguilingly simple, idea known as the circular economy would see all these products entirely recycled and their resources returned to form new products in turn. Just how realistic is the intention to transform the entire economy to realise this? And what role can Australia play in forging a new, more sustainable, approach to consumerism?