Central Coast Industry Festival talk

On 26 August 2022, UNSW SMaRT Centre Director Prof Veena will deliver a keynote talk at the Central Coast Industry Festival.

Veena will headline a special workshop at the multi-day, free event entitled "Circular Economy makes good business sense", and she will share details about the new $277 million Australian Trailblazer Recycling and Clean Energy (ATRaCE) commercialisation initiative UNSW and Veena are leading to help Australia and the world transition to sustainable recycling and clean energy solutions and systems.

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Prof Veena said: "This recycling and clean energy consortium will be undertaking crucial, collaborative work to help create greater sustainability and transition to a more decarbonised society. I am thrilled some of our SMaRT Centre innovations and partners are at the very heart of this new initiative."

Event organisers, not for profit Central Coast Community Connect, says of the workshop: "Dealing with our waste streams has become more problematic, and it is only in recent times that waste has been seen as a valuable resource.

"The circular economy can provide this resource. include current progress in developing an extraordinarily lightweight, flexible and fully recyclable next-generation solar energy technology manufactured using roll-to-roll printing, offering the first truly sustainable renewable energy generation for industry. Following these presentations, we will have three local industry case studies to share with you that will highlight circular economy in action on the Central Coast.

"This workshop will provide insight into how the circular economy provides tangible benefits to business. We will start with insight from one of Australia’s leading Australian Research Council (ARC) Laureate Professor, Veena Sahajwalla, an internationally recognised materials scientist, engineer, and inventor who is revolutionising recycling science. Veena will speak on her MICROfactorie™ journey covering “microrecycling” and the future of recycling."

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Event host information:

Over 2 dynamic weeks, the Central Coast Industry Festival will be presenting a series of 9 content-rich workshops designed to train and upskill manufacturing, food and beverages businesses to be better prepared for crises such as bushfires, floods and the COVID pandemic.

Topics covered will include strengthening supply chains, attracting skilled workers, creating agile businesses, innovating, operating sustainably, collaborating for growth and much more.

All workshops are free to businesses within the manufacturing and agricultural production sectors. Places are limited

All workshops to be held ‘in person’ at the Mingara Recreation Club, Tumbi Umbi.