CEDA circular economy event video

See the video from a CEDA webinar discussion Veena joined on why a circular economy is good for business and how to create more sustainable communities.

Veena joined the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) high-level panel to share innovations that create circularity of material how collaborating with business and community groups to enhance sustainability and better managing waste as a resource.

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As Australia steps up its collective efforts on the road to NetZero, governments and organisations are increasingly interested in building their understanding of the key principles around the Circular Economy. A solution to help alleviate resource scarcity and waste overload, it promotes the regenerative model of make, use, return.

In addition to reducing emissions, resource use, waste and harmful environmental impacts, transitioning to a more circular economy potentially offers significant economic benefits. Recent modelling by PwC indicates that in Australia a more circular economy could generate $1,860 billion in direct economic benefits over twenty years and save 165 million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2040.

Ceda event speakers

Join CEDA and a panel of experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities for transitioning to a circular economy in Australia - and hear directly from an organisation that has already made the leap. 

Livestream start times:
SA/NT: 12.30pm
WA: 11.00am

Open to the public and free for CEDA members.