Beyond 1% Summit 2024

On 3 July 2024, UNSW SMaRT Centre Director Prof Veena will speak at the 'Beyond 1% Summit 2024: Accelerating digitisation for sustainability' event.

Hosted by Siemens, Veena will share her vision for a sustainable future, creating a circular economy and how using waste as a resource - including via various UNSW SMaRT Centre technologies - must be at the centre of our manufacturing future and innovative decarbonisation efforts.

Ensuring materials sustainability and using waste as a manufacturing feedstock resource via new technologies are key messages Veena will impart to event participants.

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Event agenda and program

Event hosts Siemens say:

Plenary Panel: Circular Economy

Avoiding environmental disasters by turning waste streams into resource streams Circular economy principles and thinking are critical to achieving net zero. This plenary session will look at real examples and innovations to turn pending environmental and embedded carbon disasters into high-value opportunities in sectors such as healthcare, building and construction and even the renewables industry itself.

  • Dr. Jill Freyne, Deputy Chief Scientist, CSIRO
  • Jon Dee, Co-Founder of National Tree Day, One Tree Per Child, Planet Ark and Founder of National Recycling Week Smarter Futures
  • Rob Gell AM B.SC (Hons) FRGS FEIANZ, Chief Sustainability Officer, Solar Recovery Corporation
  • Professor Veena Sahajwalla, Director of Centre for Sustainable Materials Research & Technology, University of New South Wales and Hub Leader of Sustainable Communities and Waste Hub, National Environmental Science Program

Join us in Sydney for a national summit to explore how digitalisation and technology can accelerate sustainability, grow the economy and drive business success.

The rapid deployment of digitalisation and new technology into our energy, industrial, and infrastructure sectors is critical to support climate goals, and to make businesses more competitive.

It is also essential to allow Australia to take a leading role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions: beyond the 1% of emissions we are responsible for today. 

With real-world examples and the best talent from business, government and academia, this Summit will go beyond the buzzwords to explore the technologies and tools that will help drive sustainable outcomes, deliver business success and strengthen our economy. There is no other event like this. 

Featuring a line-up of global and local industry experts, the Summit will:

  • Demystify net zero and Australia’s commitments, and explain the impacts and opportunities for your business;
  • Explore the key technologies needed to accelerate and drive sustainability;
  • Showcase and celebrate real examples of success from Australia and overseas;
  • Highlight the avenues for businesses in Australia to access government support – from innovation to commercialization to global success;
  • Provide extensive opportunities for collaboration and networking.

The Summit will feature a line-up of global and local industry and government experts engaging in keynote sessions, panel discussions and workshops, showcase real examples of success from Australia and overseas, highlight avenues for businesses to access funding and provide opportunities for collaboration and networking.