ATSE: Responsible partnership for mining and mineral sustainability

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) has called for a increase in R&D investment and wide-spread use of low-impact technologies in the mining sector. 

SMaRT strongly supports the paper's position that: "The use of low-carbon technologies (such as solar energy in remote mining operations), and sustainable practices (such as resource recovery and recycling to extract metals from e-waste), boost the industry’s sustainability and create new economies".

This position originates from ATSE's 2020 report Towards a Waste Free Future, for which ATSE Fellow and member of the report's Expert Working Group, Prof Veena provided input to and counsel as well as featured in the launch event.

See SMaRT and Veena's latest op ed column about how decarbonisation narratives often overlook the need to use waste as a resource for the manufacturing of electrification components.

2023 Position Statement: Responsible partnership for mining and mineral sustainability

To address Australia’s sustainability challenges, the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) presents three evidence-based positions on how the minerals and mining industry can support Australia’s sustainability commitments and become global role models for responsible, sustainable, and culturally appropriate practices.

Report webpage and download

2020 Report: Towards a Waste Free Future

The report showcases how technology can transform the waste and resource-recovery sector in Australia, and support the transition towards a thriving circular economy.

And it features case studies on SMaRT's Green Steel and Microfactorie technologies.

Read the full report.

Here is a link to the ATSE webpage for the report.

Here and below is a video of the launch event, with Veena appearing in the panel discussion section from 21 min 10 sec.