ASI Annual Steel Convention

On 10 October 2022, Veena will deliver a keynote address to the ASI Annual Steel Convention, talking about various UNSW SMaRT Centre 'waste to product' technologies including its next generation of research into its patented Polymer Injection Technology known as Green SteelTM.

The UNSW SMaRT Centre has a long history of research in electric arc furnace steel making using waste rubber tyres as an alternative for coke and coke in steel making.

New SMaRT Green SteelTM research is now working on a range of other wastes usually destined for landfill, including the bio-waste of coffee grounds and various problematic plastics, for use in steel making to contribute hydrogen to further enhance the steel production process and continue to reduce the need of coke and coal.

Veena's keynote title is:

A smart vision for a sustainable future
Harvesting waste resources as sustainable materials: SMaRT@UNSW Polymer Injection Technology for recycling and manufacturing green steel in an EAF

Event host details:

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Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

Australian steel is vital to this country’s economy, stability, and growth. While the global stage is learning to adapt to an ever-changing landscape, Australia’s steel industry has an opportunity to thrive by delivering high-quality products through a robust and effective supply-chain.

As billions of dollars are being invested in both civil infrastructure and domestic homebuilding, the opportunities for the steel sector are immense. From research to design, manufacturing, and fabrication, through to installation and construction, the future of Australian steel looks bright. Brighter still when consideration is given to the ever-growing dependence on steel across sectors and the burgeoning of a new era of endless innovative uses to propel Australia towards a new economy.

In an everchanging global landscape, the Australian steel industry needs to be prepared to adapt to advancing technologies, sustainability, and environmental concerns and a rapidly changing economic outlook.

The Australian Steel Convention brings together key industry leaders and innovators to discuss opportunities, showcase industry successes and examine what the future can and will look like.