ALC Forum 2022

On 25 May 2022, Prof Veena will deliver the closing keynote address to the ALC Forum 2022 Conference for the Australian logistics industry.

She will talk about collaborating with industry to achieve innovative outcomes, the need to create a circular economy, and to change and think differently as we work toward a more sustainable industry.

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There is no doubt that the disruption of the last two years to the economy and supply chain has caused a rethink to our approaches across government, industry and business. Adapting can be uncomfortable, it means implementing change, collaborating and improvising. There is no better example than the global take-up of material recycling and the circular economy. Listen to Professor Veena Sahajwalla, Director of the Sustainable Materials Research & Technology Centre at UNSW who is a ‘market leader’ in this space.

Australia’s urban freight task alone is expected to grow by 60 per cent by 2040 and our urban infrastructure is already groaning under the weight of capacity constraints. According to research from CBRE, 720,000 sqm of additional logistics space will be needed just to meet soaring e-commerce sales in the next four years.

ALC Forum 2022 is a forward-looking event focusing on how the end-to-end supply chain can adapt and grow through innovation and strategic thinking. Hear from speakers on the state of the nation’s freight and logistics sector, learn from experts on the charge to net zero emissions and immerse yourself in discussions on technological change, pandemic learnings, skills for the future and how our policy makers keep pace with the momentum shift that is needed to build greater resilience and productivity in the sector.

Join us to discuss, dissect and debate what it will take to win the race to 2040.

Sydney | 25 May 2022