Waste Integrated Novel (WIN) Products


The SMaRT Centre is currently collaborating with the CRC for Low Carbon Living and EPA NSW on projects that investigate the use of difficult to recycle waste as new raw materials in the manufacturing of waste integrated novel (WIN) products.

Developing sustainable products for the built environment

Supported by the CRC for Low Carbon Living, this project is focused on developing a technology to utilise waste wood and plastic materials for making sustainable products for the built environment. Recycled plastics will be incorporated as a binder for these products instead of the conventional urea formaldehyde binders and the final product will be able to re-enter the recycling stream at its end of life.

Transformation of household waste into metallic alloys

This waste transformation project supported by EPA NSW and Midwaste involves research and study to characterise the household combined metal and plastic waste stream and investigate the possibilities of using high temperature transformation of mixed plastic and metal to produce valuable metallic alloys. The overall aim of the project is to use research findings to divert waste from landfill and produce value-added materials that have broad-reaching regional, economic and environmental benefits. The research required will develop the innovation to a stage where it can be trialled at pilot plants in Australia, the outcome will be value-added metallic alloys that can be used as raw materials across the manufacturing sector.