Can This New Method of Recycling Reduce Fashion Waste?

Considered the ‘alchemist of waste,’ materials scientist Veena Sahajwalla is closing the loop on fast fashion by tapping into fabric’s molecular potential.

Read More: Nothing Should Be Classified As Waste': Crisis Is Opportunity For Veena Sahajwalla “In Sahjawalla’s more advanced recycling process, cross contamination is a virtue rather than a problem…In fact, the blends are what give the tiles their unique properties, with wood adding strength and textiles offering sound absorbency.”

What Happens When Fashion Becomes Fast, Disposable And Cheap? “‘We don't necessarily have the ability to handle the disposal,’ Lewis says. ‘The rate of disposal is not keeping up with the availability of places to put everything that we're getting rid of and that's the problem.’” Fashion Industry Accounts For More Than a Third of Ocean Microplastics, Report Warns “The Institution of Mechanical Engineers report also found that three-fifths of all clothing produced is sent to landfill or incinerated within a year of being made, in part because of limited recycling options to recover fibres.”