Dr Irshad Mansuri

Research Operations Manager
Contact details: 

Phone: +61 (2) 9385 4471

With a PhD in Material Science from UNSW Australia and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Nirma University, India, Irshad Mansuri was an environmental consultant in India for 5 years where he assisted industries with environmental assessment to meet the government’s sustainability policy. He joined the SMaRT Centre in 2010 as a PhD student and is now the Manager of Research Operations.

Irshad is involved in the centre’s research projects and coordinates with industry partners along the R&D process. He runs technical training programs for students and researchers, and is responsible for the set up and management of all labs, equipment and lab OHS compliance.

Irshad has contributed research to the Conference of Metallurgists and the 2015 Eurocoke Summit, he has contributed a chapter to Surface Energy and Wetting, and has had the following journal articles published:

Characterisation of gas evolution and char structural change during pyrolysis of waste CDs

Recycling waste CDs as a carbon resource: dissolution of carbon into molten iron at 1550oC

Study of structural evolution of chars during rapid pyrolysis o waste CDs at different temperatures

Recycling waste Bakelite as an alternative carbon resource for ironmaking applications

Recycling of end-of-life Melamine at 1600oC for carbon dissolution into liquid iron

The power of steelmaking – harnessing high-temperature reactions to transform waste into raw material resources