Dr Farshid Pahlevani

Senior Research Fellow
Contact details: 

Phone: +61 (2) 9385 4433

Dr Farshid Pahlevani is an authority on high temperature metallurgical processes who has made a considerable contribution to the understanding of the behaviour of metallic materials at high temperatures and their interactions with other elements (including heat treatment and metal casting procedure). Dr Farshid’s research focuses on liquid to solid phase transformations and he has established the comprehensive knowledge necessary to precisely control the kinetics and thermodynamics of high temperature reactions, metal-oxide interface reactions, and heat treatment and metal’s property correlation. His international research career, spanning high profile research institutes in Japan, Singapore and Australia, includes considerable experience working closely with industry to improve existing processes to achieve better environmental outcomes and greater cost efficiencies.

He has joined UNSW in April 2015 as a process metallurgist with specialist research skills and knowledge to support the innovative efforts at the Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT) to utilise waste as a resource in the production of a new generation of green materials/products. Since then, he has not only made considerable progress in incorporating waste into metals manufacturing, but he has successfully adapted and applied metallurgy knowledge to achieve the transformation of non-metallic wastes into green materials.

Over the years his primary focus has been on expanding his academic research efforts and working with industry partners to further the use of fundamental science within industrial applications. He has worked with several industries, published papers in leading journals, and secured four patents which are currently licensed to five companies across Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore.