Dr Damith Herath

Research Partner
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Damith Herath holds a PhD in Robotics from the University of Technology, Sydney for his research work at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Systems (CAS) on robotic mapping and navigation awarded in 2008. Subsequently, he has worked as a Research Fellow at CAS and as the lead Research Engineer on the ARC funded Thinking Head project at the MARCS institute at University of Western Sydney. Damith has over a decade of experience leading multidisciplinary robotic research projects and is the co- and founding chair of the International Workshop on Robotics & Art held in 2011 and 2014 alongside two key robotics conferences.Damith is the CEO and co-founder of Robological, a multi-award winning Robotics Startup based in Sydney, named one of the 23 most innovative young technology companies in Australia in 2014. Damith is an Assistant Professor in Software Engineering at the University of Canberra.