Microrecycling science delivers new ‘material microsurgery’ technique

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 - 3:30pm

New developments in microrecycling science could help revolutionise the recycling and manufacturing sectors

A new technology that promises to enhance the advanced manufacturing sector in Australia has been developed by the pioneers of ‘microrecycling science’ at UNSW’s Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT).

The novel ‘material microsurgery’ technique developed by Professor Veena Sahajwalla and her team can extract valuable materials and elements from complex waste items and reform them into strengthening layers for steel and other applications.

The technique is outlined in a new scientific paper published by the esteemed American Chemical Society Omega Journal, and complements another new SMaRT Centre paper outlining other developments in their ‘Science of Microrecycling’ paper, published by international journal Materials Today Sustainability

The ‘Science of Microrecycling’ paper details the latest breakthroughs by Professor Sahajwalla and her team as they seek to develop new ways to address society’s growing waste and recycling challenges with innovations that can boost manufacturing capability, thus creating jobs and economic prosperity while enhancing environmental and social outcomes.

The SMaRT Centre created the phrase ‘mircorecycling science’ to describe its novel approach to researching innovative approaches and technologies to reform various waste streams into value-added materials and products.

To read the full story published on the UNSW Newsroom click here

The announcement has also been covered by a variety of media publications. 

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