Veena Sahajwalla First Woman to be Awarded India's Jubilee Chair

15 February 2017
Veena Jubilee.PNG

UNSW’s internationally renowned waste innovator, Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla, is the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Jubilee Chair and Professorship by the Indian Academy of Sciences.

The Indian Academy of Sciences, founded in 1934 by the Nobel Prize-winning Physicist Sir C.V. Raman, celebrated its platinum jubilee in 2009.

The Council of the Academy has instituted the Jubilee Professorship in connection with this event.

The distinguishing feature of the Professorship will be to offer the holder an opportunity for interactions and exchanges with students, researchers and teachers in several parts of India, and not just in the major metropolises.

This is in light of Academy’s aims of promoting the progress and upholding the cause of science throughout the country.

The Jubilee Chair is open to any scientist from any discipline worldwide and has most recently been held by leading academics from Harvard University and the University of Cambridge.

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