2017 Australia - Korea Joint Sustainability Conference on Recycling Technologies


We would like to invite you to the inaugural 2017 Australia - Korea Joint Sustainability Conference on Recycling Technologies, held in Sydney Australia on the 20th of October. Following the signing of a MOU between the VaRac Centre for Valuable Recycling, Korea and SMaRT Centre UNSW Sydney this conference will bring together researchers, and industry partners, from Korea and Australia to focus on the opportunities associated with increasing resource productivity and innovation in the circular economy and to foster new relationships with industry, government, universities, students and external stakeholders such as councils and associations.

UNSW’s Centre for Sustainable Material Research and Technology (SMaRT Centre) has been selected as the first university research centre to partner VaRec, Korea in its efforts to develop innovative, new recycling technologies and processes. SMaRT Centre is leading the global research effort in ‘Green Manufacturing’ to reduce the environmental burden of waste and enhance the competitive advantage in manufacturing.

South Korea, the world’s 11th largest economy, aims to become one of the world’s top five ‘eco-friendly’ nations and is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the development of new advanced recycling technologies and resource recovery processes and their industrial implementation.

The SMaRT Centre is revolutionising recycling science by transforming ‘waste to value’; that is, by re-imagining waste as a useful resource that can be redirected back into industrial processes in the manufacture of a new generation of ‘green materials’ and products. Instead of merely recycling waste materials back into the same form – like turning glass back into more glass – the innovative research programs at the SMaRT Centre are investigating waste at its elemental level. The Centre hosts the ARC Hub for ‘green manufacturing’.

Speakers from Korea and Australia will discuss green manufacturing and the future pathways to sustainability within the broader context of green materials and industrial processes.