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Professor Veena Sahajwalla

CPA In The Black cover Professor Veena Sahajwalla. Discover the fascinating story of inventor Veena Sahajwalla, who launched the first e-waste microfactory - a unique model poised to disrupt the industry.

How inventor Veena Sahajwalla is revolutionising recycling science. Veena Sahajwalla has launched the world's first e-waste microfactory and plans to export the model throughout Australia, and the globe.

At a glance Professor Veena Sahajwalla is the inventor of polymer injection technology, known as green steel, an eco-friendly process for using recycled tyres in steel production.

An annual average of 619,000 tonnes of Australian recyclable materials were left without a home. The nation was facing a waste crisis, but Professor Veena Sahajwalla had a strategy for tipping the materials straight back into the economy. 

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