Bip Picture: Developing wider industry-research collaboration through a Sustainability Hub


The SMaRT Centre’s concept for a Sustainability Incubator focuses on the activation of world-leading sustainability research by linking UNSW with industry partners all the way through the journey in the innovation–research–development–translation value chain already developed and proven at the SMaRT Centre.

Responding to the success of the SMaRT Centre’s work with industry and the many emerging opportunities from industries looking to develop new partnerships with UNSW, the aim is to create a platform to increase capacity significantly, enabling more engagement with industry and far greater immersion opportunities for researchers and students, and broader/deeper impact for UNSW’s innovation research.

The Incubator would also provide a unique role, providing a platform for students to engage with research, innovation and industry as we look to convert scientific discoveries into technological advances.

The Sustainability Incubator is an impact-focused program that will bring UNSW’s excellence in sustainability and the implementation of social technologies to solve real world problems in collaboration with leading organisations, developing new relationships between industry, government, NGOs, universities, and external stakeholders. The aim is to bring together research development and new innovations in direct partnership with local organisations making change on the ground and in the process play a key role in influencing sustainability policy.